Cylinders and Cutters
B&A; Hydraulics are a highly customer focused company, their policy is to provide high quality products from leading manufacturers to meet their customers requirements. B&A; Hydraulics aim to always supply customers with the most appropriate products and solutions to satisfy their needs.

B&A; Hydraulics sell high pressure Hydraulic Valves, Fittings and Hoses. SPX Power team Equipment. This covers a broad portfolio of equipment required by the Oil & Gas and Service Companies today. They also offer for rental as part of the ancillary equipment, Calibrated Gauges, Shut off Valves, Manifolds, T-pieces and Hoses of varying lengths.

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7 Port Manifold with female coupler fitted
manifold with four needle valves
10,000psi needle valve shut off valve
10,00psi pressure gauge fitted to gauge adaptor and female + male couplers for quick connection (4" fare)
10,000psi pressure gauge fitted to gauge adaptor (2" fare)
Flush face coupler
10,000psi gauge adaptor
check valvue
10,000psi female quick connect coupler
10,000psi male quick connect coupler
10,000psi safety hydraulic hose
adjustable pressure relief valve
Valves, Fittings and Hoses