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B&A Hydraulics offer a huge range of bolting products to suit many applications from a wide range of manufacturers. As a renowned supplier to both the offshore and onshore oil & gas industries B&A; Hydraulics aim to always supply customers with the most appropriate products and solutions to satisfy their needs.

B&A; Hydraulics sell and rent high pressure Hydraulic Nut Splitters, Torque Wrenches, Flange Spreaders, Titon Sub Sea Tensioners along with all the appropriate hydraulic hoses, connections, calibrated gauges and pumps to operate the equipment. This again covers a broad portfolio of equipment required by the oil & gas and service companies today.

Its all about teamwork to achieve a result so don’t hesitate to contact B&A; and let us be part of your “TEAM” – “Together everyone achieves more”.
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adjustable hydraulic nut splitter (operates to 10,000psi)
hydraulic nut splitter with spare blades shown in carry case (operates to 10,000psi)
downline reel with 21M safety hydraulic hose
haskel air driven hydraulic pump for operating subsea bolt tensioners. Pump connects to downline reel
3M connecting safety hoses for connecting hydraulic air pump to downline reel hose
1M interconnecting hydraulic hoses for connecting subsea tensioners
titon subsea bolt tensioners
quick release nuts fit to studs to operate with subsea bolt tensioners
low profile hexagon torque wrenches
square drive hydraulic torque wrench
hydraulic nut splitters (operates to 10,000psi)
Bolting Products